Why “Happiness is where Happy lives”? What’s with that name?

March 19, 2021

Happiness is a concept that means something different to everyone you ask.  Finding it is one thing, living it still another.  Speaking honestly, I have spent many MANY years earlier in life searching for it and never finding it. I realized early on that a happy home is something I really and truly wanted.  So I made the determination that no matter what was happening in my life that happiness had to come from within, and that my home would be that place I felt safest and happiest.  And the second I found out I was going to be a mom – that determination took on a whole new level.  I’ve been a mom for many years now, and it’s my hope that home represents all things happy for my children.  We all deserve happiness. And we all deserve a happy home.  Regardless of size, of appearance, of how many or how few rooms – home should be a place where that which we call Happy (no matter how it looks to each of us) should live.