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Support at Home Services

If now isn't the time to move, it may be the time to receive some support so you can stay at home.  Often, a daily phone check-in or a visit or a grocery run would mean the difference between feeling and being isolated at home and feeling and being safe and happy at home.

Tea Time

Daily Safety Calls: We ensure an answered call each day and establish steps to ensure all is well each and every day.

Social Visits:  Put the kettle or coffee maker on!  Connection is vital to mental and physical well-being.  It may be sitting outside, doing some gardening or engaging in meaningful conversation over a cuppa.  What could be nicer?

Wellness Visits:  These are visits designed with your wellness in mind - we can set up a weekly delivery of groceries and supplies. We'll be sure to set up a system where you can let us know exactly what you need from week to week.

"Denise has been an anchor in keeping Mom in her own home instead of a nursing home. Home support is more than just taking care of an owner. It requires expertise in keeping the home space functional for the owner. Denise has been that person who goes the extra mile to ensure my Mom is safe, can get around for bathing, and helps to keep her outdoor spaces looking beautiful. Mom has a gardener for mowing and edging her garden beds. Denise has been amazing at helping get Mom out to pick flowers up to put in those beds.


A home nurtures our very being and having Denise be part of that part has been very beneficial  for me living out of country. I still visit every couple months, but having a reliable person who is trustworthy helps Mom to having a better quality of life while still being in her home."

Jayne - USA

May, 2024

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