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I'm happy you're here.  And I hope for the opportunity to support you in your quest to find your new home, or to make your current home even more so the place where happiness lives.  I believe wholeheartedly that all of us deserve a home that's happy, in every sense.

Denise Holland

I'm a Realtor who specializes in Durham Region.  I provide professional services for those who are leasing, buying and selling.  It's a profession where mutual trust and respect is paramount.  I'm mindful of what an enormous life change it is to move.  Please be assured that your transaction(s) will be handled with the utmost care, diligence, insight and professionalism.  I've been humbled each time that people have trusted me with this most monumentous time in their lives.

I'm also a certified Interior Designer, and I specialize in Environmental Design for seniors as well as decluttering.  I love immersing myself in colours and materials and envisioning, with you, what your new space will look like!

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